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Daycare / Early Childhood Education

Program Materials
Part One – Information for the Early Childhood Educator
Part Two – Activities for 2 – 3 Year Olds
Part Three – Activities for 3 – 5 Year Olds
Part Four – Activities for All Ages
Part Five – Information Sheets for Staff and Parents

The Do Bugs Need Drugs? (DBND) daycare program is for early childhood educators and children age two to five years.  It emphasizes the importance of teaching young children about handwashing and introduces the concept of germs and illness.  This section displays how proper handwashing can prevent the spread of disease and reduce the need for antibiotics.  This is extremely important where children are in close contact and many objects are shared daily.

See also:  Recommendations for Handwashing in Childcare Settings approved by Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Children and Youth Services, April 2009.

Educators in British Columbia can find lesson plans and teaching kits by visiting www.antibioticwise.ca/teaching.

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