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Alberta: K – Grade 3 Teacher Resources

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Wash Your Hands! is an elementary school teaching resource developed by Do Bugs Need Drugs? (DBND) for Kindergarten through Grade Three teachers and students.  Handwashing is a basic life skill that is fundamental to the health of students, teachers, school personnel and families.  These activities increase awareness of how the hands can spread germs and why handwashing is important in stopping the spread of infections.

  • Content fits with the Health and Life Skills curriculum of Alberta Education
  • Developed with Alberta Education through a grant from Alberta Health and Wellness
  • Authorized for use in Alberta schools by Alberta Education

Each grade follows the same format which includes:

Lesson Plan

  • Overview
  • Fit with curriculum
  • Learning outcomes
  • Lesson plan and materials checklist
  • Teacher information
  • Lesson
  • Summaries of activities
  • Practical solutions to handwashing problems


  • Instruction sheets
  • Resources for the activities

NOTE: You will need a PDF reader to view some of these files.