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Antibiotic Resistance

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

  • Using antibiotics when they are not needed (for example for colds and flu) can lead to antibiotic resistance.
  • Bacteria have “antibiotic resistance” when they cannot be killed by an antibiotic.
  • Remember, it is the bacteria that are resistant – NOT YOU!  Even very healthy people who have never taken antibiotics can become infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria from other sources.

What you should do:

  • Do not expect to get antibiotics for every respiratory tract infection.  Most of these infections are caused by viruses and antibiotics will not work.
  • Let your doctor decide if an antibiotic is needed and which antibiotic is best.
  • Be patient when you (or your child) have cold symptoms, cough or a sore throat.  Most viral illnesses will take 4 – 5 days before getting better and up to 3 weeks for a full recovery.
  • Always wash your hands after being with someone who is sick.  Remind others to wash their hands.

Avoid a battle with a SUPER RESISTANT BUG. Use antibiotics wisely!