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Prescribing Guides

Bugs & Drugs is the peer-reviewed, evidence-based prescribing guide published by AHS, based on location-specific antibiograms, updated frequently, and provided free to all health care professionals in Alberta. It is the provincial standard for both the decision to use antibiotics, and for selecting optimal agent, dosage, and duration of antimicrobial therapy.

Its use should be standard.

Prescribing guide for AB, BC, NT, YK: 

Patient Education:
Be Prepared to Not Prescribe

Patient education goes hand-in-hand with appropriate prescribing. Use the Guide to Wise Use of Antibiotics and other resources to help patients understand their usefulness and prescribing decisions.

Guide to Wise Use of Antibiotics (English)

Guide to Wise Use of Antibiotics (Translations)

The Guide to Wise Use of Antibiotics has been translated into more than 25 languages, both immigrant and Indigenous. 

These can be accessed here, shared easily through social media or email, or downloaded and printed.  They are also available as QR codes, which can be printed and made accessible in health care facilities.

Viral Prescription

This PDF document created by the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases provides information about symptomatic relief for infections and indicates when patients should consider a return visit. To be used with patients (adults and children) who have a suspected viral infection.

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