Grade 2 Program

The Grade 2 program is an integrated suite of materials intended for guest presenters to use with elementary-school age children (7-8 years old).  It has been formally adopted by several college nursing programs for their students in the Community Health Outreach portion of the curriculum, but is appropriate for a wide range of use; public health and school nurses, pharmacists, community health educators, teachers, and interested volunteers are all welcome to adopt it.  It can be ordered here (link to order form).

The Grade 2 program consists of:

  • Downloadable set of prepared scripts, activities, and messages
  • Handwashing song
  • Overheads
  • Bugsy colouring sheet
  • Bacteria & Viruses colouring sheets
  • Poem
  • Germs Make Me Sickby Melvin Burger and Marlyn Hafner

Order it here.  (link to order form)

(Footnote:  because of the expense of the Bugsy puppet, we are only able to supply it in situations where it will be used regularly).