Guide to Wise Use (in progress)

Our apologies — if you are reading this, it is because you are interested in a translation of the Guide to Wise Use which is not quite ready for use.    We currently have 4 such:

Amharic (PDF download only):  this will be ready by November 25th.

Bengali:  this will be ready by November 25th.

Malayalam:  we’ve had trouble finding a reviewer for our translation.  If you are qualified and interested in helping us out, send an email!  We can be reached at .  Normally there are two stages to this, an initial check for basic accuracy (generally about an hour of work), and a more extensive review for optimal readibility which is not always necessary. 

S’gaw Karen:  this translation has been reviewed and corrected, and we are waiting for the translator to respond to the suggested edits.  There’s no telling how long this is going to take, and if you want to send us an email expressing your interest, we’ll get back to you when the final version comes in.  Our email is .