Compare the dirtiness of the water in which you have washed when it is cold without soap, cold with soap, hot with soap. You will find the first has hardly removed any dirt at all, the second a little more, the third a great deal more.

     Florence Nightingale             (Notes on Nursing, 1898)

Seven Guidelines for Everyday Hygiene

80% of common infections can be spread by hands.

  1. Use plain soap for handwashing.
  2. Do not use antibacterial soap.
  3. Know when and how to wash your hands.
  4. Use hand sanitizers when soap and water are unavailable.
  5. Only use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  6. Alcohol-based sanitizers don’t work if your hands are dirty or greasy.
  7. Do not use hand sanitizers with benzalkonium chloride, or similar chemicals.

Handwashing Posters

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6 Step poster
(5-8 years old)

Soaping Up
(older children and adults)