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DBND: Cost-Effectiveness

In this study, we observed a gradual and continuous impact of the program on average total monthly cost reduction for antibiotics . . .

We observed the total monthly cost reduction of antibiotics in individual health authorities within BC ranging from $4.2 to $33.4 million CAD in 2014. We estimated that one Canadian dollar spent for the DBND program implementation saved $76.20 CAD.

Mamun, A., Zhao, B., McCabe, M. et al. Cost-benefit analysis of a population-based education program on the wise use of antibiotics. Can J Public Health 110, 732–740 (2019)

DBND: Program Value

“The average rate of prescription in 2016 was 568 per 1000 population/year, a 13.3% decrease from 2005.”

The average rate of consumption in 2016 was 16.2 DDD per 1000 person/days, an 8% decrease from 2005.”

“Respiratory tract infections were specifically targeted by the DBND program, with the aim of reducing misuse of antibiotics for viral infections.  In 2016, antibiotics were prescribed for respiratory tract infections at a rate of 165 per 1000 population/year, a 30.8% decrease since 2005.” 

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